Can Braces Cause Canker Sores? Find Out Here!

It’s common for patients to experience some discomfort once they get braces. One of the issues that some people encounter is canker sores.

Canker sores are small, round red or white lesions or ulcers that develop on the inside of the mouth, including the tongue, gums or the insides of the cheeks. These sores can be very painful and can cause a burning sensation or itching.

Can Braces Cause Canker Sores?

The answer is yes, braces can cause canker sores. Getting braces often leads to general soreness and sensitivity in the mouth, which can create the conditions for canker sores to form.

Common Causes Of Canker Sores In People With Braces

There are several factors that can trigger canker sores when people have braces. Some of these causes include:

  • Friction from the brackets or wires rubbing against the cheeks, tongue, or lips
  • Improperly fitted braces or wires that poke into the cheeks or gums
  • Accidentally biting the inside of the cheek or lip due to the presence of the braces in the mouth
  • Improper oral hygiene: Poor oral hygiene can cause canker sores because it allows bacteria to thrive in the mouth. This can cause infections which can lead to the sores.
  • Stress and anxiety may cause canker sores in susceptible individuals even without braces present.

It’s important to note that some people are simply more prone to canker sores than others, regardless of whether they have braces or not.

What Can You Do If You Have Canker Sores While Wearing Braces?

If you have braces and are experiencing canker sores, these are some of the steps you can take to alleviate the pain or discomfort:

Over-the-Counter Medications

You can use over-the-counter topical creams or gels to help ease the pain and reduce inflammation. Products like Orabase, Orajel, or Anbesol can help to reduce the pain associated with canker sores.

Avoiding Certain Foods

It is also important to avoid certain hard, acidic, or spicy foods that can irritate the lining of the mouth and make canker sores worse.

Saltwater Gargles

Try gargling with a solution of warm salt water as it can promote healing and reduce inflammation.

Oral Rinses

Your dentist may prescribe an oral rinse containing anti-inflammatory or antimicrobial agents to help soothe the sore and prevent infection.

Dental Wax

Your orthodontist can provide dental wax so that you can cover any brackets or wires that may be rubbing against the mouth and causing irritation.

How To Prevent Canker Sores While Wearing Braces?

Most cases of canker sores that develop during orthodontic treatments resolve with time, but the following tips can help to prevent their occurrence:

Good Oral Hygiene

Brush and floss your teeth carefully to remove all food particles and bacteria from your mouth. This can help you avoid the infections that cause canker sores.

Avoid Hard or Chewy Foods

Try to avoid eating hard or chewy foods as these foods put unnecessary pressure on braces, which can cause sores to form.

Get Properly Fitted Braces

Make sure that your orthodontist checks that the braces and wires are appropriately placed so that they do not rub or cause any pain in the mouth.

Maintain a Balanced Diet

Eating a balanced diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals can help to keep your mouth healthy, which can prevent the occurrence of canker sores.

Final Thoughts

Canker sores are a common occurrence, and individuals with braces may be more susceptible to them. If you experience canker sores or any other oral problem, it is essential to talk to your orthodontist right away. They can help guide you on proper oral hygiene and may provide medication to help treat the sore.




Here are some common questions people ask about braces and canker sores:

What does a canker sore look like?

A canker sore is a small, round red or white sore that can develop on the inside of the mouth or lips. They can be very painful.

Are canker sores contagious?

No, canker sores are not contagious. They are not caused by any virus or bacterium.

How long do canker sores last?

Canker sores typically last for a week or two, but in severe cases, they can last up to six weeks.

Can braces cause other oral problems?

Yes, there are several oral problems that can arise from having braces, including tooth decay, gum disease, and gum inflammation.

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