Are there smoking areas on carnival cruise ships

Overview of Smoking Regulations

Carnival Cruise Line has a no smoking policy in their cabins, balconies and public areas of their ships. However, there are designated smoking areas where passengers are allowed to smoke. In this article, we will provide an overview of the smoking regulations and discuss where smoking is allowed on Carnival cruise ships.

Overview of Carnival Cruise Lines smoking regulations

Carnival Cruise Lines have been actively taking preventative steps over the past two years to create a smoke-free environment onboard their ships, limiting smoking to designated areas in all areas of the ship and on public balconies. The smoking regulations, which are applicable to all Carnival Cruise Lines ships, seek to minimize exposure and provide an enjoyable experience for all passengers.

Carnival Cruise Lines acknowledge that inactive smoking may be a nuisance for some passengers travelling within the cruise line’s smoke-free environment. To help mitigate such issues, it has implemented several policies and guidelines, which are summarized below:

  • Smoking is prohibited in staterooms at any time and on West Deck balconies at night.
  • Smoking is allowed on outside decks only and must take place in designated areas which have been clearly marked by signage.
  • All ashtrays must be filled with water when not actively in use as this will eliminate any visible air pollution onboard the ship.
  • The use of electronic cigarettes or vaping devices without nicotine is allowed in public rooms but prohibited inside staterooms unless otherwise stated on the stateroom guest keycard.
  • E-cigarettes and vaping devices that contain nicotine are not allowed anyplace onboard; however, these can be vaped outside 12 feet of door entries or public tables where food or drinks are served per Carnival Cruise Lines policies.

The Carnival Cruise Line smoking regulations aim to ensure a comfortable voyage for both smokers and non-smokers alike while adhering to safety standards set forth by worldwide health organizations. By following these regulations, we can ensure that everyone enjoys a safe environment free from secondhand smoke during their time aboard the ship!

Overview of other cruise lines’ smoking regulations

Smoking regulations vary between cruise lines and sometimes even within the same cruise line. While most ships restrict smoking to designated areas on the top decks and in some lobbies, there are differences in where smoking is allowed and what is prohibited. For example, most major cruise lines prohibit smoking in cabins and balconies, while others may allow balcony and cabin smoking with an additional fee.

Below is a summary of various cruise lines’ general smoking regulations. It’s important to note that individual ships may have changing rules; contact your selected line for details:

  • Royal Caribbean: Smoking is allowed on either side of the Pool Deck and Outdoor Movie Theatre as well as on designated areas of the upper decks of all vessels, as indicated by signage or onboard announcements. Smoking is also permitted in the Casino Bar or Lounge on select ships; refer to signage for more information at each ship’s Casino Bar or Lounge.
  • Carnival Cruise Lines: Cigarette and e-cigarette smoking will not be permitted in any part of passenger staterooms including balconies, nor will it be permitted in any studio cabin or family/companion staterooms regardless if they are located on an exterior deck of a vessel or in an interior hallway area of a vessel. All other areas inside public venues, excepting food-service venues, game rooms, libraries and theater/entertainment venues are considered non-smoking areas unless otherwise noted with signage indicating a designated area for smoking cigarettes only.
  • Norwegian Cruise Line: NCL has implemented smoke-free environments across all parts of their guest accommodations including staterooms and balconies across their entire fleet boats; all staterooms are strictly smoke-free environments from this point forward regardless if they are interior or balcony staterooms. Electronic cigarettes may be used only within public spaces outside or indoor seating locations as marked by “No Smoking” signs/indicators throughout the ship unless there have been additional designation by NCL as per their policies that allow certain levels of limited usage within certain areas from boat to boat depending on available guidance from local health officials during transit times at port locations.
  • Celebrity Cruises: On Celebrity Cruises’ (owned by Royal Caribbean) entire fleet no electronic cigarettes are allowed inside regular passenger cabins but regulars cigarettes can be smoked with respect to restricted locations which vary according to boat type but include designated outdoor venues such as smoker terraces adjacent to pool decks plus select casino lounges (Cigar Lounges) that feature enclosed ventilation systems which help contain secondhand smoke while allowing accessiters who wish to indulge responsibly while gambling thereafter.

Smoking Areas on Carnival Cruise Ships

Carnival Cruise Lines has established a policy for smoking on board their ships. The policy outlines designated smoking areas for their passengers, as well as rules and regulations that must be followed. With this policy, Carnival Cruise Lines aims to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for all of their guests.

In this article, we’ll explore the various smoking areas on Carnival Cruise Lines ships and learn more about the policy.

Designated smoking areas on Carnival Cruise Lines ships

Carnival Cruise Lines offers their guests designated smoking areas on all their ships. Smoking is only permitted in these designated locations and guests must abide by the ship rules and regulations. The areas available for smoking include a smoking lounge, allowed in an outdoor open deck area, or set up for special occasions like a live band performance.

In the smoking lounge on board Carnival Cruise lines, there are comfortable chairs and ashtrays provided so that smokers can relax and enjoy their favorite relaxation time without having to be inconvenienced or causing discomfort to non-smokers. Bar staff also attends this area to provide drinks for customers in the lounge. As with any card room or bar area, smoking is only permitted within the designated smoking lounge area.

Open decks are only available during cruise excursions when the ship is at an international port of call, providing local residents with access to waterfront activities while sailing around exciting destinations around the world. Carnival Cruise Lines stresses that these areas may be narrow due to compartmentalization design; therefore they may not offer much space to smoke comfortably at times. In such cases, passengers must follow all onboard instructions and policies as outlined in their Cruse Contract distributed upon embarkation listing all policies regarding areas where smoking is not allowed onboard – such as cabins, corridors, elevators, etc..

On special occasions like live band performances hosted by Carnival Cruise Line ships, specific location(s) will be designated for smoking customers fitting conditions e.g availability of ashtrays. This can be critical during a trip as bands tend to bring many non-smokers who have expressed wanting smoke-free air while they enjoy themselves relaxing listening music given by bands booked by cruise line services often performing onboard at Marquee Lawns just opposite side of ship near ocean bar mounted on top sea pool (sunbathing).

Where to find smoking areas on Carnival Cruise Lines ships

Carnival Cruise Lines offers designated smoking areas for their passengers onboard the ships. Smoking is not allowed indoors (except in designated casino areas) and all outside decks are strictly non-smoking areas. To find out where the smoking locations are located, please refer to your itinerary and/or onboard program for specific details.

Smoking is only permitted on Carnival Cruise Lines in designated areas – generally speaking, these locations can be divided into one of two categories: public smoking lounges or self-contained smoking cabins. Many of the larger ships offer both types of spaces, although some only provide one or the other.

  • Public Smoking Lounges: Generally found on large ships, public smoking lounges are partially enclosed rooms or balconies that can accommodate a larger number of passengers. These lounges typically have chairs, tables and ashtrays enabling passengers to relax while they smoke.
  • Self-Contained Smoking Cabins: Ideal for smaller vessels in which space is at a premium, these cabins offer smokers a private area away from non-smokers while still allowing them to enjoy the pleasure of a cigarette or cigar on board. Generally found at the back of decks with long doors separating them from public areas, reservations may be required due to their size restrictions.

By providing an organized place for smokers to light up without imposing upon individuals who abstain from it altogether, Carnival Cruise Lines ensures its guests an enjoyable travel experience – one that caters to all lifestyles regardless ability status or preference when it comes to tobacco use and other recreational activities.

Alternatives to Smoking Areas

Smoking unfortunately isn’t allowed on most Carnival Cruise ships, however there are some alternatives that guests can take advantage of. Guests can partake in public spaces, but they must use electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, and other smokeless alternatives. Additionally, there are designated smoking areas which are set up to ensure the safety and comfort of all guests.

Let’s look at a few other alternatives cruise goers can use when smoking on board:

Overview of smoking alternatives on Carnival Cruise Lines ships

Carnival Cruise Lines offers a variety of smoking alternatives on its ships to ensure passengers are able to enjoy their vacation as comfortably and safely as possible. Smoking is not allowed in any of the ship’s staterooms, common areas or enclosed venues like theaters and showrooms. However, there are a number of designated outdoor and indoor smoking areas which are available for guests who wish to smoke.

Outdoor Smoking Areas: Designated open-air smoking areas are located on each of Carnival’s ships. Such spaces generally feature comfortable seating and ashtrays, while keeping smokers away from other guests enjoying the fresh air.

Indoor Smoking Areas: A select number of designated indoor smoking rooms are available on each of Carnival’s ships for guests who require a more sheltered environment in which to light up. These rooms typically feature the same type of furnishings as the outdoor area, but without direct access to open air.

E-Cigarette Usage: While smoking regular cigarettes is prohibited in all interior and common areas—except for designated smoking lounges—the use of electronic cigarettes (E-cigarettes) is allowed throughout Carnival’s vessels, provided that parts or pieces aren’t disposed onto public floors or other public furnishings. Passengers using E-cigarettes must do so responsibly in order not to disturb other passengers enjoying the cruise experience near them.

By offering various smoke free options while providing indoor and outdoor designated e-cigarette lounges, Carnival Cruise Lines ensures its guests can still enjoy a luxurious cruising experience that adheres to safe smoking guidelines while respecting others’ right to a smoke free environment during their vacation spent on board one of its vessels.

Where to find smoking alternatives on Carnival Cruise Lines ships

Carnival Cruise Lines strives to provide a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere for all passengers. In order to comply with smoking laws and regulations, they have designated certain areas of their ships where smoking is allowed only. However, cruising can be a great time to relax and try something new, so Carnival Cruise Lines also provides several different alternatives for guests who want to find activities that deviate from the traditional smoking experience. Here are some of the options available on Carnival Cruise Line ships:

  • Alternative Relaxation Areas: As an alternative to smoking areas, Carnival Cruise Lines offers numerous cozy relaxation areas throughout its ships where guests can enjoy traditional leisure activities in comfort. These rooms provide air conditioned seating with access to board games, books and card tables for a peaceful escape without the need for lighting up.
  • Art Galleries: Taking in art galleries aboard a ship is another popular way of spending time while cruising away. Gaze at renowned art pieces as you explore different styles and movements, learning about new cultures through artwork. Most cruises in the fleet of Carnival Cruise Line have wide varieties of artwork displayed throughout them as they travel around the world’s oceans each year.
  • Shops: Shopping aboard can be a great way to pass some time during your cruise if you’re not into smoking while on board. Browse through dozens of shops located within each ship that offer everything from jewelry and souvenirs to clothing items such as beach cover-ups or hats – perfect additions for your vacation pictures! Cigar shops are also available on larger ships so that you can buy premium cigars without having to step outside into specified smoking areas.
  • Family Entertainment: Entertainment aboard cruise ships is plentiful! With many movies playing throughout the day or night, arcades filled with skill-testing games like air hockey or basketball shooting games (or just an old favorite like PacMan), karaoke nights where you can turn your friends’ tunes into hilarious performances – these activities provide plenty of ways for adults and children alike to have fun without taking part in an activity related to smoking cigarettes!


After looking at all the available information, it is safe to say that smoking areas on Carnival Cruise ships are not available. This is in line with the current cruise ship regulations and Carnival’s own policies.

Smokers who are looking to have a smoke-free vacation can still have a great time aboard a Carnival Cruise ship and enjoy their trip without worrying about the presence of smoking areas.

Summary of smoking regulations and areas on Carnival Cruise Lines ships

Carnival Cruise Lines maintains that smoking is only allowed in designated areas on their cruise ships. These areas vary depending on the size and type of ship, but they are typically located outdoors in some form of a lounge or bar. Smoking is also allowed within staterooms, depending on the location within the cabin – generally on balconies. Both types of smoking – traditional cigarettes as well as electronic cigarettes – are allowed in all designated smoking areas.

To ensure guest safety and comfort, no smoking is permitted within any enclosed public or private space, which includes all dining venues, fitness areas and casinos. Guests who fail to abide by these rules are subject to fines and potential disembarkation without refund at Carnival’s sole discretion. In addition, guests are responsible for damage caused by improper use of ashtrays that result from careless smoking operations, general misuse or criminal activity. Guests who violate the cigar/pipe policy will be immediately debarked from the vessel with no compensation whatsoever from Carnival Cruise Lines.