Are the bowflex dumbbells worth it


Bowflex dumbbells are a popular piece of fitness equipment that has been used to help many people reach their fitness goals. The adjustable dumbbells are designed to save you time and space in your home gym and can provide a full-body workout. But are they worth the cost and are they right for your fitness journey?

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what Bowflex has to offer and if they are worth the investment.

What are Bowflex Dumbbells?

Bowflex Dumbbells are one of the most popular and highly-regarded weight lifting solutions on the market today. These adjustable dumbbells offer an efficient and space-saving way to build and tone muscle. They provide a full range of weights in a single product, so there is no need for multiple sets of individual dumbbells or stacks of weighted plates lying around.

Bowflex Dumbbells are designed to be easy to use and handle, providing adjustable resistance for users of any size or strength level. This enables beginners to set lower weights as they adjust their techniques, while experienced exercisers can gradually increase their challenges as they advance through workouts.

The Bowflex design is also known for its durability; many users have found that these dumbbells easily withstand repetitive usage over years with minimal wear or damage. In addition, they are relatively compact compared to traditional weight sets, making them an excellent space saver when exercising at home or in a small gym environment.

Benefits of Bowflex Dumbbells

Bowflex dumbbells are adjustable free weights used for strength training. These Adjustable Dumbbells offer several advantages over traditional free weights, such as compact size and versatility. Bowflex dumbbells come in several weight options that offer users a wide range of weight adjustments with the turn of a dial. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced lifter, you can get the workout you need with Bowflex SelectTech 1090 Dumbbells.

Benefiting from Bowflex SelectTech 1090 Dumbbells include:

  • Easier to store than many traditional free weights
  • Workouts can be tailored to your own goals and needs
  • Weight increments can range from 4-41kg (depending on model)
  • Wide varieties of exercises can be completed using this single piece of equipment
  • Workshops help educate its users on how best to use the gym equipment for better results
  • Durability is ensured thanks to solid engineering and construction materials
  • Combined high value for home gym set up


Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells are an excellent example of home gym equipment. They offer a wide range of features including adjustable weights, a stand, and easy to use controls. This makes them incredibly versatile and allows you to use them for a variety of different workouts.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the features that make the Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells so popular:

Adjustable Weight

The Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbells are an excellent choice for weightlifters who are looking for a convenient, affordable, and space-saving way to add adjustable dumbbells to their home gym. The main advantage of adjustable dumbbells is that they allow you to quickly change the weight without fiddling around with dozens of weights. With the click of a dial, you can switch from 10lbs to 15lbs, or even up to 52.5lbs!

These bowflex dumbbells come with a two-year warranty and solid construction, ensuring that they will last you for years to come. Their solid steel handles provide a firm grip while allowing you to switch out the weight plates quickly and securely. The SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbells also feature two external locks that hold the weights in place securely so you can exercise safely and confidently.

The Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbells offer great value for your money; there’s no need for a rack full of different sized weights – one set does it all! In addition, depending on your needs, each individual dumbbell can be adjusted from 2 lbs up to 52 ½ lbs in 2 ½ lb increments – so regardless of your current fitness level or goals these dumbbells have it all covered!

Compact Design

One of the standout features of the Bowflex SelectTech 1090 adjustable dumbbells is their small, compact design. The 1090s take up just 2.2 square feet of space, meaning that you can easily store them away without needing additional storage space for your weights. This is especially beneficial for those with smaller workout areas or limited storage space.

The design also ensures that you’re getting a full range of motion in each rep as opposed to using multiple dumbbells of various sizes and weights. As an added bonus, the iron core stands from which you can hang your dumbbells have a glossy black finish that looks great in any home gym or workout room.


The Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells are built with great precision and quality materials to provide lasting durability. The steel heads of the weights are encased in plastic and rubber, making them resistant to wear and tear from regular use. This ensures that they will last a very long time, making them a great value purchase.

Additionally, the design of the weights is quite slim, which allows for storage in smaller spaces than other traditional dumbbells require.

Pros and Cons

Bowflex dumbbells are a popular choice for those looking for an adjustable weight set which can be used for a variety of exercises. The main benefit of Bowflex dumbbells is that they take up less space than traditional dumbbells, while still providing the same flexibility. In addition, they come with a wide range of exercise options, so they can be incorporated into any workout routine.

However, as with any product, there are some cons as well. Let’s evaluate the pros and cons of Bowflex dumbbells:

  • Pros:
    • Take up less space than traditional dumbbells
    • Provides flexibility
    • Wide range of exercise options
  • Cons:
    • Costly
    • Can be difficult to adjust weights
    • Limited weight range


Bowflex SelectTech adjustable dumbbells are a great option for those who want the convenience of adjustable weight without taking up a lot of space. They are ideal for home gym use, allowing you to switch quickly between weights without having to invest in multiple sets. The most popular set (525) is compact and can fit easily into an unused corner or closet.

Other advantages include:

  • Built-in display that shows the weight it’s set at as well as tracking your workout stats and exercises
  • Effortless adjustments with just the twist of a handle (no searching for individual plates)
  • Dual locks securely lock the dial into place keeping it safe
  • Compact design won’t take up precious real estate in your home gym
  • Wide range of weights will let you customize your workout to your desired intensity level
  • Easy to pick up and move for portable workouts on vacation or visits with family


The Bowflex SelectTech adjustable dumbbells are a great piece of exercise equipment. However, they are an investment and there are some cons to consider before you make this purchase.

  • Price – The Bowflex SelectTech adjustable dumbbells are more expensive than a regular pair of dumbbells. You will pay significantly more if you buy the full set to adjust from 5-52.5 lbs.
  • Size – The Bowflex SelectTech adjustable dumbbell heads take up more space than a standard rubber coated, cast iron weight because they move up and down when changing the weight. Even when they are not in use, you need to find storage space for them since they cannot be folded away or stored in a corner like regular weights can be.
  • Weight range – Although these weights can adjust up to 52.5 lbs, this may not be enough for some people who have been working out for an extended period of time and need more challenge or heavier weights.
  • Durability – Although built with quality materials and construction it is important to know that over time wear and tear of the internal mechanisms can occur if mishandled or dropped on hard surface floors from above shoulder height as per instructions in manual. Quality control could also lead to potential issues for certain products as seen in reported cases nonetheless company offers 3 year warranty for any manufacturing defects with full replacement when within serviceable conditions defined by warranty terms and agreements.


The Bowflex SelectTech 552 adjustable dumbbells are a popular choice for home gym trainers and those seeking an affordable option for a home gym. The main attraction of the Bowflex SelectTech 552 dumbbells is their ability to adjust in weight from 5 up to 52.5 pounds. But how does their pricing stack up to other alternatives? Let’s take a look.

Cost of Bowflex Dumbbells

One of the biggest considerations when it comes to purchasing any piece of exercise equipment is its cost. Bowflex’s SelectTech adjustable dumbbells come in two different models, the 552 and 1090. The 552 model comes with five sets of weight plates that you can combine to create a range of weights between five and 52.5 pounds, while the 1090 model has eight sets of weight plates that you can combine to create a range between ten and 90 pounds.

The suggested retail price for the Bowflex SelectTech 552 adjustable dumbbells is $299 USD, while the 1090 model retails for $499 USD plus shipping and handling fees. Both models come with a storage tray stand, which sells separately for about $59 USD. Additionally, each model also includes an exercise poster and manual that helps users match different weights to different exercises so they can get the maximum benefit from their workout regimens.

The most cost-efficient option for purchasing equipment like this is typically by buying them in bulk, as many online retailers offer discounts when buying in larger quantities such as four or more sets of Bowflex Dumbbells or other brands offering adjustable options like Power Blocks, Core Home Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells, or NordicTrack SpeedWeight Dial System Adjustable Dumbbells among other alternatives including cheaper ones like Yes4all Adjustable Dumbbell Sets that starts at $109 per set (Single Set) therefore offering great bang for your buck at almost instant availability as opposed to other adjustable weight solutions that may have long waits if purchased directly from their vendors or manufacturers.

Alternatives to Bowflex Dumbbells

When it comes to finding alternatives to the Bowflex adjustable dumbbells, there are several other products that are also on the market that offer similar features and advantages. In addition to Bowflex, adjustable dumbbells are also available from companies such as Power Block, Ironmaster and Bayou Fitness.

The most similar alternative is the PowerBlock Elite 90 lb Adjustable Dumbbell Set. It is a compact and easy-to-use set of adjustable weights with plates ranging from 5–90 pounds in increments of two pounds. Like the Bowflex model, there is no weight changing needed: simply slide the selector pin into the desired weight setting and lift as usual.

However, many other types of weights are popular alternatives to Beowflex’s adjustable model due to their lower price point and availability. Standard free weights like dumbbells or barbells have been around for centuries and can be purchased for much cheaper than an adjustable set such as Bowflex’s model. They come in all shapes, sizes, materials (like rubber) & weights so you should be able to find one that fits your budget & workout routine easily without sacrificing too much effectiveness on your training gains as well.

In addition to traditional free weights, another popular alternative worthy of consideration is kettlebell training or CrossFit-style workouts with bodyweight exercises which use no equipment at all apart from yourself. All of these options can provide you with a great workout without breaking your bank account or take up too much space in your house.


After taking a closer look, it’s safe to say that Bowflex dumbbells are definitely worth it. They offer great value for money, a wide variety of weight options, and the durability and versatility of their models make them a great choice for any strength-training workout. Bowflex also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, giving you peace of mind if you aren’t satisfied with your purchase.

In the end, if you’re looking for an adjustable weight option that is easy to store and won’t break the bank, the Bowflex Dumbbells are definitely worth considering.

Final Verdict

After weighing all of the pros and cons, it is safe to say that Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbells are worth the price. They offer a simple and cost-effective way to get a full-body workout, with the added bonus of adjustable weights. Plus, they’re compact and easy to store away.

Ultimately, these dumbbells are ideal for anyone that wants an easy way to lift weights in their home. The fact that they’re adjustable makes them appealing to multiple fitness levels and goals. With world-class customer service stand behind them, your purchase feels well-supported too.