Ace Your Writing with These Five Words!

Ace Your Writing with These Five Words!

Writing can be an overwhelming task. There are rules to follow, grammar to consider, and a million ways to express a single idea. In today’s world, writing is an essential skill that everyone needs to master. To make life easier, we’re bringing you five magic words that can bring your writing to the next level. Let’s dive in!

The Word ‘Utilize’

The word ‘utilize’ is often used to sound fancier than necessary. Unfortunately, it does the opposite. It can make your writing look pretentious and convoluted. Instead of ‘utilize’, use the word ‘use’. Using simple language is not only more accessible to the reader but also more precise.


  • Instead of saying, “I will utilize my business skills,” say “I will use my business skills.”
  • Instead of saying, “He utilized the services of a plumber,” say “He used a plumber.”

The Word ‘That’

Another word that can be eliminated from your writing is ‘that’. The word ‘that’ is often unnecessary and can make your sentences longer and more convoluted.


  • Instead of saying, “I know that you are right,” say “I know you are right.”
  • Instead of saying, “The car that I saw yesterday was blue,” say “The car I saw yesterday was blue.”

The Word ‘Thing’

‘Thing’ is one of the most generic and uninformative words in the English language. Using it in your writing can dilute your message and lessen its impact. Be specific and use precise language instead.


  • Instead of saying, “I love that thing you got there,” say “I love that antique necklace you bought.”
  • Instead of saying, “She needs to fix that thing on her bike,” say “She needs to fix the loose chain on her bike.”

The Word ‘Very’

The word ‘very’ is another unnecessary word that can be removed from your writing. Instead of using ‘very’, find a stronger adjective to describe the noun. This will make your writing more vivid and engaging.


  • Instead of saying, “The sunset was very beautiful,” say “The sunset was breathtaking.”
  • Instead of saying, “I am very grateful for your help,” say “I am extremely grateful for your help.”

The Word ‘Amazing’

The word ‘amazing’ is overused and often loses its meaning. Instead of using ‘amazing’, search for a more precise and evocative adjective.


  • Instead of saying, “The concert was amazing,” say “The concert was electrifying.”
  • Instead of saying, “She is an amazing writer,” say “She is an insightful and eloquent writer.”


By eliminating these five words from your writing, you can make your language more precise, engaging, and accessible to your audience. Instead of relying on generic vernacular, utilize specific language and strong adjectives, and write concisely and purposefully.


  • What does ACE stand for in writing?
  • ACE stands for Answer, Cite, and Explain. It is used to structure paragraphs and essays effectively by answering a question, citing evidence, and explaining the evidence to support your argument.

  • How can I improve my writing?
  • You can improve your writing by practicing regularly, reading books, and utilizing tools like grammar checkers and thesaurus. It’s also important to write purposefully and with a goal in mind.

  • What should I avoid in my writing?
  • Avoid using cliches, jargon, unnecessary words or phrases, and passive voice. Instead, use specific and evocative language to make your writing more engaging.


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