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Guidelines for Freelance Writers

About E-Aventure.net
E-Adventure.net is the website and home base for the Land ~ Sea Discovery Group. We are devoted to the re-discovery of the America's through stories, images and artifacts of our past and present adventures. History, Adventure and collectibles fill our everyday lives and we hope you'll enjoy being a part of that and share your knowledge.

Mission Statement - The primary mission of E-Adventure.net is to present to our visitors interesting facts and images concerning historical events and adventure. Since we also have an interest in a variety of collectables, we attempt to offer researched information about them as well.

Who visits E-Adventure.net? E-adventure.net has a natural appeal to those that remember the better times of earlier days and have a love of history and adventure. More than half our visitors are baby boomers with the balance being mostly seniors and a spattering of young adults.

What we are looking for? We are looking for articles that inform and entertain our readers on subjects that are not constantly written about or if they have been, we prefer that unusual slant. We enjoy the personal side of the story whether it is yours or the people involved in the story. Have a thread that connects the past to the present. Research your information and put together a well-written down to earth piece that all ages and education can understand and enjoy. Photos or illustrations should accompany the article with proper releases for publication. Articles should pertain to only the following: MINING, TREASURE HUNTING, EXPLORATION, CAVING, RAILROADING, EARLY AUTO TRAVEL, DIVING, SHIPWRECKS, NAUTICAL, BALLOONING, EARLY AVIATION, OBSERVATORIES, HEROS AND VILLANS and COLLECTABLES.

It is strongly suggested that you send a query before submitting an article. Accepting your query does not mean that we will accept your work. Acceptance is based on our personal interpretation of your work and how it works with our site.

All articles submitted must be single-spaced in word-based program by e-mail. IBM compatible discs are acceptable with a printed hardcopy by Snail-mail. Name, address, e-mail, and telephone number should be on the first page. Include word count on the first page. If mailing, a SASE with sufficient postage to return the entire package must accompany all articles submitted. Please include a one or two paragraph biography about yourself for our files, and possible insertion at the end of the article, space permitting.

FEATURE ARTICLES - 1000 to 2000 words.
SHORT ARTICLES - 300 to 1000 words

What we are not looking for - No articles with religious, sexual, racial, or political tones.

Payment - Sorry, at this time Land ~ Sea Discovery Group is only providing a possible venue for your work, and a chance to have it seen and read by thousands of visitors on the Internet.