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The Echo Mtn. Echoes 1996-2000

Created by Jake Brouwer Story by Land-Sea Discovery Group.

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Volume 1 Issue 3 Expanded to articles about the Railway.

This is a short history of the Echo Mtn. Echoes newsletter. For five years it told the stories, and kept the pulse of the Mount Lowe Railway experience. From this page you will be delivered to the original archived web issues of the Echo Mtn. Echoes.

The Echo Mtn. Echoes was created in the mind of Jake Brouwer sometime after visiting the 100th Anniversary celebration on Echo Mountain in 1993. At first the thoughts and plans of the his newsletter were just ideas scrambled up on a piece of paper, however by Feb 14th, 1996 Jake sent out the first copy of the Echoes to over 300 people. It was to be a quarterly piece. The names were gathered at postcard shows, a rail show, and at the table of memorabilia he displayed at the Alpine Tavern in December of 1995. The Scenic Mount Lowe Historical Committee (SMLHC), of which Jake was a participant, was hosting that event. It certainly got a lot of interest, and he met a lot of fellow fans and collectors.

The idea of the newsletter was to keep others in touch with finds and be able to share them with each other via the newsletter. He was also reaching out to anyone wishing to sell or trade Mount Lowe items. With not too much of a response to the first mailing, Jake went ahead and printed a second issue with more finds and some news of the U.S. Forestry Volunteers, and SMLHC. He also speaks highly of Edna Smith at the Altadena Historical Society, who helped him along the way in his quest for knowledge about Mount Lowe. This issue also mentions that he had published 3 articles in national magazines about Thaddeus Lowe and his Railway.

The third quarter issue Vol. 1; No 3 September 1996 saw some big changes. Jake told us that there were still little in the way of responses but persons he ran into here and there said they simply loved the Echoes. By this issue he had decided to write as he learned about Mount Lowe and have it be presented in the newsletter to share, and a larger vision began to appear. In this issue were articles on the Worlds Fair searchlight, Dr. Edgar Larkin of the Lowe Observatory, and the menagerie. Over 400 issues were sent out most free of charge, but due to mailing costs Jake began asking for subscriptions, which were $8.00 a year then.

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The First and only Mount Lowe Railway Crossword Puzzle. "Just for Fun."

November 16, 1996 the SMLHC held a dedication of the newly rebuilt Ramada at Inspiration Point. Again Jake with his wife Susan set up a display table of Mount Lowe Railway Collectables and postcards. He also gave out free copies of his newsletter and added at least 50 more new names to the growing list of people interested in Mount Lowe. The last quarter issue featured that news of the dedication ceremony, an article about a Metz automobile on the railway, and an article called Professor Lowe on the World Wide Web. It is here that Jake first announces that the Web version of his newsletter was being launched. www.aaaim.com/echo. The site was being provided by the webmaster Gary Mendes as a public service with Jake providing all text and images. This issue also featured a first and only Mount Lowe crossword puzzle. Remember that one?

In the Spring of 1997 issue new stories continued to flow, The Grand Opera House, Collecting Postcards of Scenic Mount Lowe were featured. This edition also saw the debut of two new columns, Flora and Fauna, and News of our Readers. Over the years, News of Our Readers became quite popular. It not only served a purpose for collectors but it also became a great springboard for readers to get to know one another and realize that many other people love Mount Lowe too.

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Volume 2 Issue 2 Summer 1997

Summer 1997 the paper took on writer Christopher Nyerges whose stories entertained us for many years. From there on, issues each took on a life of their own. The paper was also finally standing on its own an over 150 subscribers now covered the costs of all the printing and mailing fees. The writing by, Jake Brouwer, Christopher Nyerges, Michael Patis, Paul Rippens, John Skomdahl, Rick Thomas, and others was simply a labor of love. Jake's wife Susan checked for typos, folded, addressed, stamped the issues and generally gave Jake valuable support.

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Spring 1999 Featured the first appearance of an article by John Harrigan later a book, titled Mt Lowe Power.

The work on the Echo Mountain Echoes continued until Winter 2001, Vol 6. No. 4. Due to constraints the last 7 issues are not on the website version but hopefully that will be corrected. It was not a lack of interest or effort that saw the Echoes fade away after Winter 2001 but rather the lack of ability on Jakes part to struggle with new day-to-day challenges of being newly disabled and still surviving without his career of 25 years. If it could have been continued, it would have, Jake had a hard time letting it go. It still lives on in his heart. The memories and closeness it brought to others caring about Mount Lowe will never be forgotten by anyone who read an issue. Many family members were also brought together, Audrey Haug Anderson, The Ferms, John and Hope Haug and many more cumulating in a large family gathering in Philadelphia a few years back. It was all destined to be, the Echoes just helped it along.

Three cheers for the Echo Mountain Echoes. 1996-2000






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