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About This Site!

Greetings, and thanks for visiting Land ~ Sea Discovery Group's e-Aventure website.

E-Adventure we hope will be an entertaining, informative, and fun place to rest while on your Internet travels. Perhaps you enjoy some of our particular interests and will stay a while reading the informative writings, or just want to browse through our marketplace looking for that elusive item.

If you enjoy writing, and or have experience in a particular field, we would love to consider your work in one of our categories on the website. Just go to the Submissions page to see our guidelines. Our goal is to bring you, and others as much information as we can, but we do need your help. The e-Adventure site is about sharing our knowledge with others.

The site is divided into five main sections of e-Aventure's, Land, Sea, Sky, Collections, and the Marketplace. Within each of those sections you will find e-Aventure's pertaining to that category. If you are into shipwrecks, try the Sea page or click on the Shipwreck icon. Looking for that elusive item? Check the marketplace, sometimes just the item you have been looking for can be found. There are also links throughout the site to our Internet auctions on Ebay, perhaps the world's largest marketplace.

I hope you will enjoy e-Adventure and please tell your friends!

About Land ~ Sea Discovery Group

Land ~ Sea Discovery Group's primary function is the discovery, re-discovery, and distribution of the worlds big and small treasures. The group's goal is to move these treasures into an arena where they will be properly appreciated. In some instances this will be in the form of sales, and in others, preservation for future generations, via graphics and the written word.

Internet and Auction Sales

Land ~ Sea Discovery Group has over 30 years of selling experience in the world of collectables. Our staff and associates combine for knowledge in over 40 fields of collecting.

The group has experience selling in the world arena of the Internet since 1998, specializing in Ebay sales with feedback ratings of over 7000 on Paperchasesue and over 3000 on Saycheeeez. We list 200+ items per week. Our Ebay auctions offer cross-linking of sites for maximum exposure and a unique Gallery section for exposing collectors to other items that may catch their eye in a photographic format. We also use special effects for larger collections, known as "Scouting," "Pinball" and "Whirlpool," that get results, not mentioned in the so called "Ebay Secrets" type books. In addition we have been compiling a database of over 10,000 collectors throughout the world.

If you have an item or collection you are thinking about selling, perhaps we can help. We can offer you the best exposure on Ebay, or perhaps right here in our own marketplace. If you are a writer in one of our particular categories we can also offer you a place to sell your books linked to an article on the site.

For information on selling your items contact us here.

Research and Development

The Research and Development Division of the company takes on projects from independent sources, projects from the companies Internet and Auctions Division, and projects for future Publishing and Distribution.

No subject is out of the arena for research. In the past the group has handled many small projects as well as large and historically significant projects. Three such projects to the groups credit are the JJ and Molly Brown Letters Collection, The Foster and Kleiser Billboard Advertising Photo Archives, and the Paul Eilenberger Railroad Negative Collection. All projects were researched, developed and turned over to the Internet And Auction Division for very successful transactions, each in excess of $8000.00.

If you have a project you need researched, contact us here.

Land ~ Sea Discovery Group is currently involved in ongoing research in the following subjects: Thaddeus Lowe, Mt Lowe Railway, Civil War Ballooning, Kokoweef, Tonopah, Hollywoodland, the Slocum Howland Family of New York. If you have research or information you would like to share, contact us here.

Contact information

PO BOX 401904

EMAIL - lsdg@e-adventure.net
PHONE - 760-985-7587